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9.2m² Sloping BBQ Hut (2mm Grill Set) -

9.2m² Sloping BBQ Hut (2mm Grill Set)

Price: £3,850.00

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Description and Specifications

Condition:  New
9.2m² Sloping Wall BBQ Hut
(2mm Grill Set)

 Floor Space 9.2m²
 44mm Thick Log Lap Cladding
 Double Glazed Windows (2 Fixed & 1 Openable)
 Lockable Door -Quality Cylinder Door Lock 
(with double glazed window)
 Grill & Chimney Set (included with cooking trays)
 5 Benches around inside walls (wide enough to sleep average person)
 Hidden Storage Space (above door)
 Pre-Treated Floor Frame (for longer life span)
 Quality Roof Tiles (available in Black, Red or Green)

External Dimensions

Dimensions and Specifications
Floor Space 9.2m²
External Dimension 3310mm x 3820mm
Internal Dimension 3170mm x 3670mm
Cladding Thickness 44mm
Packaging Size 2380mm x 1200mm x 2420mm
Weight 1188kg
Total Height 3360mm
Eaves Height 1190mm
Roof Slope 45°
Roof Thickness 19mm
Floor Spars & Floor Board Thickness 44mm x 120mm / 19mm
Roof Overhang 250mm
Window Size (x3) 850mm x 590mm
Door Size 830mm x 1630mm

Optional Extras